Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daily Dose

  • Largest IT hub in the world -Dalian in China
  • India will establish a military base in Mongolia
  • Manikanchan in West Bengal is the first sector specific SEZ in India
  • Thailand is the only South East Asian nation never to be colonized
  • British Petroleum is the largest oil firm in the world
  • John Bolton is the US Ambassador to UN
  • STEREO-NASA's mission to Sun
  • Croatia and Albania recently joined NATO
  • NASDAQ- World's first electronic stock market
  • World's first officially atheist nation- Albenia
  • TATA bought British brands Jaguar and Land Rover
  • Bhimsen Joshi belongs to Khirana gharana
  • Jason II is the US-French satellite monitoring sea level
  • Australia recently issued licence for cloned human embryos
  • Georgia recently came out of CIS
  • Cuba recently started land reforms
  • NASA' Kepler mission-from Cape Canaveral,Florida-To find out extra solar planets in Galaxy
  • Most spoken languages Mandarin-Hindi-English-Spanish-Bengali-Arabic
  • BRIC Summit 2008-Yekaterinburg,Russia
  • INS Talwar-Developed by Russia
  • President's rule was first imposed in Kerala
  • Khmer Rouge is the guerilla organisation in Cambodia
  • New Amsterdam was the old name of New York
  • Dulles Int Airport is the name of Washington airport
  • Strahov in Czech Republic is the largest stadium on earth

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