Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hello friends,

Hope you guys did well in the preliminary examination and got plenty of questions common from my blog.Now you must be getting ready for the next round.This period, I mean the period between preliminary examination and its result, is the most crucial phase of the preparation.Most of the failed efforts in main have something to do with half hearted efforts in these two and half months.Many guys cant believe that they can clear preliminary and once they clear it, they are left with just a couple of months to prepare for the main.There are many who think they can manage the syllabus within those couple of months.But there are only a few who don't think about the result.They do their best in these initial months and once they are successful in the preliminary, they are the ones who can add value to their preparation rather than just completing the syllabus in a hurry.So my sincere request to you is that don't waste these precious period.If you do, that will be the biggest mistake of your life.So even if you are a fresher, or have a number of attempts left, don't let this period go futile.And if you are in the last attempt of yours, you don't have any choice but to give it the shot of a life time.My wishes are always with you.Lets join hands together and start preparing.I'll start posting materials from tomorrow.Till then good bye.

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  1. could you provide me cutoff marks needed for electrical in prelims .my emailid is