Thursday, May 7, 2009


  1. Singapore will host the 1st Youth Olympics in 2010
  2. Kachch in Gujarat is India's latest biosphere reserve
  3. Asteroids are found in between Mars and Jupiter
  4. Virgin Airlines(UK) started flights on bio fuel
  5. Theodore Roosevelt was the first American to win Nobel Peace Prize
  6. Hardeep Singh Puri is India's permanent representative to UN
  7. Areva the French nuclear giant has signed a nuclear deal with India
  8. Centurion Bank has been taken over by HDFC
  9. Mark Zukerberg invented Facebook
  10. RK Raghavan Committee on Ragging
  11. First ever DNA Bank in Asia in Lucknow
  12. Mistral of France is now the fastest train in the world
  13. Iraq acceded to CTBT in 2008
  14. Denmark recently started a Climate Change Accountability Act
  15. Foreign reserve of India as on January 2009- $ 255.4Billion
  16. Project Sankalp is on AIDS
  17. Belgium is the only country with which India has signed a Social Security Agreement
  18. Madagascar was recently suspended from African Union
  19. Members of Prime Minister's Global Advisory Council-Jagadish Bhagawati,Sam Pitroda and Amartya Sen
  20. Urban VII was a Pope for just 12 days
  21. Sujatha Ranganathan developed and designed EVM
  22. RS Pandey received UN public Service Award
  23. 2008 Arab League Summit-Doha
  24. 2008 World Energy Summit-Jeddah
  25. Equador will purchase Dhruv helicopters from India
  26. First World Cities Summit- Singapore
  27. India's first Defence University will be set up in Rewari( Haryana)
  28. India signed BIPA with Myanmar
  29. Amarpura in Rajasthan has been selected as Millennium village by UN
  30. Cape Verde is the latest entrant of WTO
  31. President of Guines Bissau Joao Vieira was assassinated in March 2009
  32. Albania and Croatia joined NATO in 2008
  33. 7th Asia Europe Meeting-Beijing
  34. UY Canis Majoris is the largest star known to us
  35. Canada recently started Carbon tax.Finland was the first country to start Carbon tax
  36. Rainforest Declaration- Between Brunei,Malaysia and Indonesia to save Borneo
  37. Dabur has been purchased by Singapore based company Fresenius-a $ 10 bn deal
  38. Achyut is the name of India's humanoid robot
  39. Jason II- a US-Frencj satellite is monitoring sea level rise
  40. Harmony si the first room of International Space station whereas Kibo is the first research laboratory there
  41. Louis Diaga is Mozambique;s first woman President
  42. Martha Nassabaum developed HDI
  43. David Villa with 4 goals top scored in Euro 2008
  44. Pemayantshe monastry is in Sikkim
  45. Cuba recently started land reforms
  46. World's first robotic surgery was performed in Canada
  47. India, Israel,Pakistan and North Korea are not party to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty
  48. Cyprus and Malta joined Euro Zone in 2008
  49. Areawise smallest nation in Asia-Maldives
  50. Shine- a website launched by Yahoo for women

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