Saturday, May 9, 2009


  • When Vasco de Gama came the local Arab Merchants resented but the ruler Zamorin gave him a warm reception an protection.
  • First Portugese fort at Kochi
  • Almedia the first Portugese governor built a fort at Anjadiva
  • Almedia gave the Bluewater Policy
  • Albequerque captured Goa from the Adil Shahi rulers of Bijapur
  • Krishnadeva Raya permitted Albequerque to build a fort at Bhatkal
  • Vasco de Gama established a factory at Cannanore during his second visit
  • Nino de Cunha shifted the capital to Goa and acquired Diu and Bassein from Bahadur Shah of Gujarat
  • Along with Martin Alfonso D'Souza the famous Jesuit Saint Francisco Xavier came in India in 1542
  • The settlements of the Dutch in chronological order Masulipattinam(1605),Pulicat,Surat,Karaikal,Chinsurah,Kasimbazar,Negapattinam.Their main centre was at Pulicat till 1690 after which Negapattinam became their capital
  • The Dutch were defeated by the British in the battle of Bedara in 1659
  • The original name of the East India Company was Merchant Adventurers
  • The centres of the British- Masulipattinam-1611,Hughly-1615,Orissa-1633
  • In 1639 Francis Day obtained the site of Madras from the raja of Chandragiri and it was named Fort St George in 1640.It was their first fort in India
  • The King of Spain gave Bombay as dowry to Charles II in 1661 and Geral Aungier became its first governor .In 1687 Bombay replaced Surat as their headquarter in the western coast
  • John Surman received the farman of 1717 from Farruksiyar
  • First French factory in India was Surat by Francois Caron in 1668.Masulipattinam in 1669, Chandranagar in 1676.The Dutch captured Pondichery in 1693 but it was restored to the French in 1697 by the treaty of Ryswick
  • The Danes established their settlement in India in Srerampore (1676)and Travancore(1620).
  • Francois Martin obtained from Sher Khan Lodhi governor of Valikondapuram a small site which later bacame famous as Pondichery.In 1701 it was made their capital in India
  • Charles Eyre in 1700 became the first President of Bengal Presidency of the British
  • Francois Martin was the first governor of Pondichery

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